Exploring the intersection between automation technology and the cannabis industry, this B2B brand is a fusion of the bold, sleek style of cutting edge tech companies with the vibrant energetic personality of modern cannabis enthusiasts.

As Creative Director I’ve been involved with Vape-Jet’s marketing efforts from the early start up phases. I’ve worked with the team to develop their brand identity, designed and built various iterations of the website, shot product photography and video content, created promotional printed materials, brand swag, product packaging, social media and email marketing assets.

Additionally, I worked with partner brands in the industry to establish and expand the Vape-Jet Partner Program. In recent years I have collaborated with human copywriters and implemented AI copywriting tools to produce blog posts on the Vape-Jet Crew Blog.

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Logo Design

Brand Guidelines

Stationery, Printed Sales & Marketing Materials

Product Photography

Social Media Photography, Graphics, Copywriting, Calendar Management

Website Design

Filming, Video Editing and Animation

Event Planning, Coordinating and Coverage